Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mail me information regarding the nursing program?

Yes. Interested students should contact 877-885-8399, or e-mail

What are the admission requirements and prerequisite courses I need to take?

Please view admission and prerequisite coursework requirements here.

 Where can I obtain an application for the ABSN program?

The very first step in the application process is to speak with a program advisor at 877-885-8399, or complete a program inquiry form.  If you’ve already spoken with a program advisor, and they’ve instructed you to proceed with the application process, you will find the application for admission here.

 If I don’t get admitted to the program may I re-apply?

Yes, students may re-apply for a different term; however, a new application and application fee will be required.

 Are any nursing scholarships available?

The Roseman College of Nursing has numerous scholarships available for nursing majors.

 When do classes start?

Classes start in February, July and October.

 Can I receive credit for graduate degree work or work experience?


 Do you accept international students with an F1 visa?


 Can I still apply to the Roseman accelerated online BSN program if I am currently taking prerequisite courses? 

Yes; however, you must satisfactorily complete all prerequisite coursework, except United States/Nevada Constitution, before you begin the program. If you meet all the admission criteria, you will also receive conditional admission. The term in which you start the program will be determined by when your last prerequisite course is completed.

 What is the minimum TEAS score requirement?

The minimum TEAS scores must exceed National program mean scores in each of the four areas (Reading, English, Science and Math) and the Adjusted Individual Score.  The national program mean is adjusted according to ATI and may vary depending on the time of application.

 If I am required to take the TOEFL, when must I take it and what is the score that I need for admission?

Applicants must achieve a score of at least 550 on the paper-based TOEFL; 213 on the computer-based TOEFL; or 79 on the Internet-based TOEFL.

Roseman’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) isn’t listed on the Nevada Board of Nursing’s website – only the BSN degree. Is the ABSN program approved and accredited?

Yes. Students are awarded a BSN degree, not an ABSN; “accelerated” is included in the program name to indicate that students work through their degree requirements more quickly than they would in a traditional program. Therefore, only the BSN is listed on the board’s website.

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