About the College of Nursing

The Roseman Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) programs are offered by the College of Nursing and designed to prepare students for entry-level Registered Nurse positions in a variety of health care environments. Graduates will use critical thinking skills for effective problem solving, decision making, and independent judgment to provide culturally competent and developmentally appropriate care in the practice of nursing and to function as a member of the health care team. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) to become Registered Nurses.

The mission of the College of Nursing is to provide a quality, innovative undergraduate nursing education designed to meet the diverse health needs of the individuals, families, communities and societies. Fundamental to this mission is the faculty’s commitment to excellence in education, scholarship, and public service. To support Roseman’s commitment to academic freedom, the College of Nursing endeavors to provide an educational environment that values, respects and promotes academic freedom for faculty and students.

The purpose of the Nursing program is to provide a quality multifaceted nursing education that prepares its graduates to achieve their optimal intellectual and professional development.
The College of Nursing advocates lifelong learning, clinical excellence in various healthcare environments, and provision of competent and caring health services to diverse populations.

In addition, the College of Nursing fosters the core values of excellence, competence, integrity and leadership, which provide the framework for students in their professional practice.

Guided by the core values, the goals of the College of Nursing are to:

  • Present a curriculum that provides students with knowledge, skills, and competency to perform the role of a professional nurse in a culturally diverse population and variety of environments.
  • Provide an environment that promotes intellectual stimulation of students and that facilitates positive faculty/student relationships.
  • Promote the health of the community through educational partnerships and collaborations, faculty service and scholarship, and preparation of graduates who can effectively and professionally respond to societal demands.
  • Uphold the integrity of the nursing profession through principled actions and ethical decision making.
  • Ensure accountability of our students and faculty.

The Roseman College of Nursing admitted its first class in April 2006 in response to requests for a feasibility study from the health care community, including several members of our board of trustees who are CEOs of major local hospitals, to determine if the region had a need for and could support a nursing program.

Based on the statistical data and consistency with the University’s overall mission, the Board of Trustees made the decision to start a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, and, in 2010, added an ABSN program. Graduates of the College of Nursing, after passing their NCLEX-RN, can assume entry-level RN positions, which will help to meet the community, state, and regional needs for registered nurses.

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